Bunkerpay was founded with one goal in mind-bringing together experts from withim the marítimo, finance, and IT industries, in order to develop fastest, most cost efficient, secure systems, for International payments, within Bunkering sector.

We know the needs of the sector – Our founder / CEO, Lubin Reyes, was a maritime Owner / operator of a merchant vassel, the 2.316 ton 67 m Icebreaker, the Stefan Jantzan, based in Rostock, Germany.

Lubin also has 25 years of experience in billion in cross-borde International trade payments, as CEO/founder of Beltcastle-FX based in London UK.

After some years in development, we at BunkerPay are fully confident that our systems can now saved the industry many billions of dollars per annum.


( I know with is mean to receive your payments on time )

Lubin B Reyez

What we do

Our service

Payment System for your oil

We provide a faster and safer Payment System for your oil and lubricantes purchasinag needs, and at lower cost for your business.

We provide services within the shipping industry; we focus our expertise on the need for a time sensitive environment, and Offer a digital service, to minimize your costs taking your vessels further and maximizing profits.

Our clients

Shipping Agency

We Offer affiliate programs for shipping companies that demand our services


Bunkering supplies

Our main Partners. We Offer the best rates for the fuel Partners with our platform


Bunkering companies

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