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BunkerPay Ltd is a company that brings together 25 years of experience in the payments sector, in Commodities and Cross Border Payments, in emerging markets such as Africa, Latin America, and China.

Its success as a “niche” Provider has been, in part, due to the vision of its founder & CEO, Lubin Betancourt Reyes.

Lubin identified key areas within the sector that lacked flexibility.

Many Global Banks are reluctant to provide banking facilities to developing nations, and emerging markets have always been excluded, or have faced limitations in the USD payments facilities that they can access.

Lubin, also having had previous experience as the owner /operator of a large merchant vessel, quickly recognised the issues surrounding Bunker payments and the time sensitive nature of these payments.

BunkerPay solves this need by providing an online platform that gives Subscribers access to a portfolio of currencies from USD to Exotic currencies 24hrs, 5 days a week service, enabling rapid payments to the fuel supplier or Shipping Agent.

The Global South is a huge market, with enormous potential growth for those suppliers and shipping agents with the facilities to service this ever growing sector!

BunkerPay brings you closer to these customers.

With Tier 1 banking and local currency access using traditional and new payment systems, BunkerPay offers solutions to match every need!

Lubin B Reyez

(( I know how much it means for you paiments to arrive on time ))

Our Team

Antonio A.

Brand Manager

An experienced copywriter who has worket in best creative agencies in Madrid, for clients such as Nestle and Amazon Prime video.

He has now envolved in to a marketing professional., Antonio is our Brand manager, responsable forma marketing and design.

Lubin B Reyez

CEO and Co-Founder

BunkerPay is the “brainchild” of a veteran in the Finance and Crypto industry, Lubin Reyes, CEO. Originally a City of London Trader/Financier, of over 25 years experience, Lubin recognized, through his handlings of cross Border trade and payments, frequently amounting to billions of dollars, that access and delays in USD payments, coupled with the de-risking of emerging markets in a globalised world, precludes certain countries from having access to the the financial systems.

Andre B.

Web Developer

Andre Apassionate web and designer has an extensive background in web, design and branding print for all business types., Born in Jamaica and lives is the UK, Andre loves campervans, cycling and art in is leisure.

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